Meet Local Business Owners: Resort Edition

Mike & Bonnie Triplett – This Chicago-native couple had over 20 years of experience in hospitality and food management. They owned a restaurant and lounge in Melrose Park, Illinois before they decided to uproot to Lake Shafer. Mike’s grandparents would venture down to this area to escape the concrete jungle. After 48 years of visiting, Mike and Bonnie purchased their first summer home on the lake in 1984. Shortly after, the couple designed and built the existing Lighthouse Lodge B&B. The construction of their dream lodge began in November of 2005 and was completed on June 21, 2006. The upcoming 2021 season is exciting as they already have booked many weddings, family reunions, and single-family stays!

Adam McNeil – Through working with Turnkey Communities, a real estate investment firm in Carmel, Indiana, Adam’s experience as a local resort owner began just over two years ago at Alexander’s Landing (formerly Bayside Resort). Adam’s wife grew up going to Indiana Beach, so the family decided to bring the kids down for a visit and stumbled upon the for sale sign. Once Adam saw the back deck, view from the penthouse, and the bay access… it was a done deal! The family is looking forward to the 2021 season as they plan to show new guests what a great place White County is and hope they return year after year!

Michael & Kelly Sims – Michael, from the Westpoint area, had such a strong love for the water and enjoyed wakeboarding so much that he purchased a lake home in 2011. Kelly, growing up in Illinois, moved to the area in 2014 when they met. You can say she fell in love with Michael and the small-town way of life here. Just 5 years ago, the couple purchased the Outrigger Resort with the hopes of a multi-generational ownership. The goal is to leave the resort investment to their children to take over someday. The 2021 goal at Outrigger is to continue making improvements that will entice more visitors and offer accommodations to meet visitor wants and needs!