Introduction & Overview

I love our White County communities, hence the Enjoy White County campaign. I enjoy being a local destination advocate, but who am I? I grew up here in Monticello. I married into a family with strong roots in the Monon area. My maternal side has called Wolcott their home for generations. I now have close family in the Brookston-Chalmers area.

My familiarity of White County is extensive, but is that enough for residents of Indianapolis or Chicago to believe me when I say, “White County is the getaway you never knew you needed?” … probably not. So, I claim the truth in all of my promotions to be the understanding of businesses in the tourism industry.

The main businesses in the tourism industry are attractions (Indiana Beach & Madam Carroll), events (fairs, festivals, concerts, etc), things to do (shopping, museums, swimming, walking trails, golf, bowling, working out, manicures, lake opportunities, etc.), lodging (hotels, resorts, campgrounds, Airbnb, & VRBOs), and eateries (restaurants, bakeries, ice cream shops, bars & wineries).

Over the last 2 years, I have built relationships with state organizations such as the Indiana Tourism Association, Indiana Destination Development Corporation, Indiana Restaurant & Lodging Association, and the Association of Indiana Convention & Visitors Bureaus. This high-level networking encouraged me to engage with local stakeholders, business owners of the listed industries, festival coordinators, and area advocates.

Everything we have to offer our visitors is the result of the blood, sweat, and tears of business owners, festival coordinators, and area advocates. I have endless appreciation for them. My goal is to highlight their efforts and shine a light on our destination assets. I am convinced White County is the perfect getaway for families, young couples, and retired snowbirds. The Enjoy White County initiative will convince everyone else!