Example Itinerary

Conversations with local business owners noted that the most common visitors we have during the summer months are repeat, multi-generational families (grandparents, parents, and children). With 2020 being such a… unique year for the travel & tourism industry, I drafted a possible weekend itinerary for what we expect is a new normal 2021!


After leaving work and rounding up the kids, make your way to one of White County’s beautiful resorts like Dockside Lake Resort, a bed & breakfast such as The Lighthouse Lodge, Airbnb, or a traditional hotel being Best Western.

6:00pm – check in with lodging staff

6:30pm – Get a uniquely local dinner at Sublette’s Ribs or Cazadores if you’re a fan of Mexican food

8:00pm – Soothe that sweet tooth at one of the four ice cream shops in Monticello

8:30 – back to the resort for some relaxation and rest


Option #1 – Everyone goes to Indiana Beach. There truly is something for everyone from kiddieland to roller coasters and the antique cars in between. Indiana Beach doesn’t have a specific age audience but maintains the “stay and play family tradition” …. And what are we without multiple options?

Options#2 – Wake up after a restful night, take the morning to truly enjoy yourself and your family.

11:00am – Eat lunch and take a tour of one of the largest railroad collections in the entire country at the Whistle Stop Restaurant and Monon Connection Museum

2:00pm – Follow a walking trail and scenic path through one of our Monticello City Parks *cue perfect lighting for family photos!

6:30pm – Venture over to Wolcott for dinner at a farm-to-table restaurant, Roots Eatery

***Split Up (yes, that’s what getaways are for)

8:00pm – Grandparents take the grandkids to Lake Shore Drive-In Theatre for not one, but two movies

9:00pm – Parents are headed out for a cocktail across the bridge on Indiana’s largest boat, the Madam Carroll or a beverage overlooking the boardwalk of Indiana Beach at the Sky Bar. Live music entertainment can be found at almost every destination restaurant during the summer on Saturday nights. (Note: parents, be sure to tell the grandparents it’ll be a late night of fun!).


10:00am – rent a boat from Larry at Lake Shafer Boat Rentals. Please spend ALL DAY, with plenty of sunscreen, on Lake Shafer!

5:00pm – have an early to-go style dinner from locally owned Graham’s B&K Rootbeer Stand and have safe travels home!

Everything in this example itinerary and many more weekend plans can be found on enjoywhitecounty.com!