Coffee, Shakes, & Sweet Treats

It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, break time with a special drink and sweet treat is in order. 

In Brookston, visit Two Guys Catering and Bakery located in a historic downtown building. This charming bakery features an amazing array of baked goods…muffins, pastries, cakes and cookies.  They also serve breakfast and a selection of yummy sandwiches.  On the weekends, people stand in line for donuts…there’s a reason for the line!

Since 1979, Kinser’s Bakery in downtown Monticello has been hosting local conversation and tasty bakery items.  Donuts, rolls, pastries, and breads are freshly baked.  Don’t miss tasting the apple fritters…best ever!    

For coffee concoctions, stop at Starbuck’s, located in Kroger, Monticello.  Or venture over to Greens and Beans, a locally owned coffee shop.  Enjoy freshly ground coffee every morning and throughout the day.  They also sell CBD products, some of which can be infused in their coffees and teas.

Healthies in Monticello has a fun environment, offering nutritious shakes or delicious energy bombs!  They have a menu to quench your cravings in the healthiest of ways!

Located on South Main Street in Monticello, GoodLife Nutrition has healthy protein-packed shakes.  Sip a delicious tea infused with a wide selection of supplements. Stay healthy with flavor and tasty options!