About White County

Welcome to one of Indiana’s favorite family vacation destinations! Besides having a great amusement park, White County boasts of boating, fishing, shopping and recreational opportunities for everyone.

Brief History

In 1834, the Indiana legislature created a new county named for Colonel Isaac White, a hero in the Battle of Tippecanoe. In 1854, the Louisville, New Albany and Chicago Railway laid track in White County, and the population grew! In 1923, Norway Dam was completed, creating Lake Shafer, and two short years later, Oakdale Dam was built and created Lake Freeman. These two meandering lakes established White County as a major tourism destination.


White County communities are vibrant, offering all who come here the perfect opportunity to get away from it all. Monticello/White County annually shares its amenities and heritage with approximately one million visitors. Surrounding Lake Shafer and Lake Freeman are a grand array of businesses… bed and breakfasts, resorts, motels, hotels, campgrounds, rental cottages, bait shops, boat rentals, marinas and restaurants. Because White County prioritizes tourism, we have opportunities not commonly found in other communities our size. White County takes pride in the variety of great dining and shopping options. Visitors find relaxation and endless activities year-round in this hidden gem!